Grilled Chicken Fillet Italian Style
Fresh marinated grilled chicken fillet on a crispy kaiser roll with melted sharp provolone, roasted peppers & marinara sauce.   $9.25

The Godfather
The authentic Italian hoagie has the inventors intended it to be! Imported cappocola, genoa salami, sharp provolone & prosciutto on a crispy Italian roll with our homemade roasted peppers, fresh cut onions & tomatoes.  $11.75 (12" roll)

The Dino
Imported ham, spicy cappocola, roasted peppers & eggs on a crispy Italian roll with melted sharp provolone. $9.75 (12" roll)

Grilled Chicken Diablo
Grilled chicken fillet, roasted long hots, mushrooms, onions, fried tomatoes & sharp provolone on a crispy Italian roll topped with our signature honey mustard.  $11.75 (12" roll)

Double R-Bar Burger
Two quarter pound burgers, grilled ham, bacon, melted cheese & BBQ sauce on a crispy kaiser roll.  $9.15


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